Homemaker Monday Linkup

Good morning y’all!  How’s the first Monday after Daylight Savings Time treating everybody?  I have to say, I am not a fan of the whole time change.  It just seems pointless.  Maybe back in the day when everybody was farmers it made more sense, but I kind of doubt it–they always worked sun-up to sun-down anyways.

Anyways, today I’m linking up with Diary of a Stay At Home Mom for Homemaker Monday.

The weather outside is cool and foggy right now, but it’s supposed to clear up and be a gorgeous day in the 60s.  Here’s hoping it lives up to the forecast.  We have plans to meet some friends for a picnic this afternoon and warm picnics are always better than cold picnics.

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of overnight oats I started last night.  Warmed up, of course, because cold oatmeal is just nasty to me.  I know, I know, what’s the point of overnight oats if you warm them up anyways?  I don’t know… I just feel like it’s still a quick easy breakfast.

Looking out the window the fog is already beginning to lift here.  It’s a golden fog–you can tell that the sun is behind it.

Right now I am hastily typing out this post thinking about the lineup of stuff I need to get done before we head out.

Looking around the house It is pretty clean!  Yesterday I did a kind-of-spring clean.  The kids have already pulled some stuff out already, but it’s just little clutter.  My biggest problem today is the mountain of laundry I need to fold.  It can’t be avoided though.  Sophiapea is calling it The Mountain.

Today’s To-Do List ~ Fold laundry ~ Put dinner in slow cooker ~ Try to get my kids to keep some clothes on for long enough to get them out the door.

Currently reading ~ The Selection ~ The Astronaut Wives Club ~ Fragments

On the TV ~ Nothing right now, but I’ll probably have Grey’s Anatomy playing while I tackle The Mountain

On the Menu This Week ~ Slow Cooker Jambalaya ~ Pan Roasted Lemon Chicken with Sweet Potatoes ~ Chicken with Creamed Spinach ~ Broccoli Cheese Soup ~ Taco Salad

What I am creating Still plugging away at the persnickety last chapter of my historical novel.  SO. CLOSE. It’s driving me crazy.

Favorite Photo I know–there’s a foot in it–but this picture cracks me up.


Inspirational Quote 

I am so bad at thinking of these things on the spur of the moment… and so you get this: In honor of laundry day

Have a great Monday!


How We Do Mornings

Smiles, coffee, lots and lots of coffee, blankets, snuggling, and warm milk. 

Kiss two foreheads, say a prayer, make a plan that will inevitably change and evolve as the day takes on whatever shape the Creator has given it. 

Baby curls, sleepy eyes. Some of us (AHEM K-man) take a nap before 7 AM. Others of us (okay, it’s me) dream about sleeping until 7 AM. 

Through all the bleary-eyes, early mornings, and interrupted nights–I know I am blessed. 

And then I went looking for some poetic Bible verse that would make me think about being blessed to rise up in the morning or something. And this is what I found 

Proverbs 27:14 He that blesseth his friend with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, shall be counted as a curse to him. 

So yeah. 

Definitely starting the morning with a smile at least! Have a great Friday, y’all. 

Morning Conversations with the 2 year old

Sophia wakes up and comes out to the living room, just beaming like an actual ray of sunshine.

“Good morning, sunshine!” I say, kissing her forehead. “How did you sleep?”

Still smiling, she tilts her head to one side and says, “Last night, dear, while I was sleeping,”

Wow, I start thinking to myself, I’m really getting the unrevised version this morning!

“I dreamed I held you in my arms,”

It begins to dawn on me that she’s quoting the verse of the You are My Sunshine song, but her voice just lilts up and down a little, not really singing.

“But when I woke up, I was mistaken, so I laid my head down and cried.” (Seriously, some other day I’m going to get into how depressing that verse is.  Another day, another day, another day…)

She is just grinning and grinning.  One of the two braids she went to sleep in has fallen out and her hair is wild and fluffy around her face.  Sometimes I’m just stunned and in awe of the little girl that my baby is becoming and this is one of those times, so I kiss her cheek and say, “Wow, all that in one night?”

She leans back a little to look at me, eyes wide.  “It was ‘dicolous.”

So. Much. Laughter.

Monday Motivation

So, here we are at the start of another week.  Monday’s are so important to me.  In my opinion they set the tone of the week, and it’s a make-it-or-break-it deal.  So, I generally try to do everything in my power to make sure that if we only have one smooth, well planned day a week–it’s Monday.  To help facilitate that goal, I set aside an hour or so on Sunday evening  for some one-on-one time with my planner.

I love planners and lists.  There’s very little as satisfying as making little checkmarks on the ‘to-do list’.  A daily to-do list that changes with the day and what we have planned, as well as a weekly to-do list with the larger goals of the week are my steady favorites.

Daily: Declutter floors, clean kitchen, craft/coloring with Sophia, practice violin, write a blogpost, or work on the stack of books that I’m reading, study something educational, and write on the ever-progressing novels.  Everything on the daily list doesn’t always happen, but it’s what I aspire to.

Weekly: Library day, shopping day, clean bathrooms, vacuum/mop floors, dust, wash linens

Today, it looks like the weather is going to be fantastic, so I’m going to focus on the cleaning.  Throwing open all the windows, maybe a door or two, and scrubbing the house down.  Laundry, dusting, floors, the works… all while blasting some music way too loud 🙂





The other days of the week are similar but with key differences, mainly in the mornings.  From about 10-2 is when we go out if we have errands to run or people to see, so the schedule will reflect that.  My goal is to limit our running around to two days per week, so that we can accomplish other goals like doing an educational craft 3+ times per week, baking, painting, and all that jazz.  I try to keep it looking something like this.

Monday: alphabet activity + craft Tuesday: alphabet activity + baking  Wednesday: Library story-time Thursday: alphabet activity + playdough and painting  Friday: Shopping

It’s really a constantly evolving system.  Sometimes it seems like the needs of the kids shift from week to week.  We certainly don’t stick to the schedule perfectly all the time, but it helps me to have it so planned out so that when (inevitably) something throws us off-kilter, I can look at the schedule and instantly know where I can jump in and get back on track, rather than just letting the day melt into Netflix and naptime 😉

I’ll have to do another post detailing Sophia’s plan/schedule.  A lot more thought goes into her little periods of scheduling funnily enough, not to mention the hours of *ahem* research on pinterest searching for just the perfect assortment of classes and projects to keep her happy, busy, engaged, and learning.  I think kids learn the most by watching and participating with us, so she is always an active participant in “my” schedule, from cleaning the kitchen, to baking and writing, she is generally happy to follow me around and help or mimic.  When she’s ready for a break she’ll wander off and play on her own for a while.

Klaus is the tricky one right now, but with a little extra thought, he’s fairly easy to keep entertained throughout the day.  He “helps” in the kitchen by pulling all the kitchen utensils out of the drawers, etc.

Anyways, that’s it in a nutshell.  Our life trying to master all trades, haha.

Have a great Monday!


Tea Party Manipulation

Sophiapea is leaning against the counter, watching me as I unload the dishes.
“Mommy, what are you doing?”
“Just unloading the dishes, baby. What are you doing?”
“Yes! Say I”
I look at her, wondering what new trick she’s up to, but I repeat after her anyways. “I…”
“Will…” She chirps on, a wide smile blossoming on her face.
“Will…” I repeat.
“Do dat! Say do dat! Say I will do dat!”
“I will do that.” I agree, most amiably, if I do say so myself. “Now what exactly have I just promised to do??”
“Have a tea party!” She squeals, almost jumping up and down with excitement.
What do you say to that?!?


Yes, obviously. Say it.

Burning The Midnight Oil

And the 2 o’clock oil, and 10 pm oil, and (obviously) the 4 am oil. (Because it’s 4 am right now.)

It started off so innocently last night. Klaus’ nightly ritual of waking up for a snack right as I start to drift off to sleep is nothing new. He’ll fuss for a bit, I’ll pick him up and tuck him into my arms, and without ever even opening his eyes he’ll settle back into the long heavy breaths of baby sleep. Most of the time it is not even an issue. It’s our little extra “hi, baby. Goodnight, baby. ”

But for whatever reason last night, it wasn’t enough. When I tucked klaus back into his bed he rustled around, but I crawled back into my bed, snuggled up to my superman and fell asleep pretty instantly. Only to be awakened by cries within the hour.
So I hop out of bed again, hurry across the room to get him up before he wakes anybody else.
He eats. I doze. He sleeps. I try to put him back to bed.
By the next hour all bets are off when he starts crying, because the monologue in my head has switched from, “aw, hungry baby.” To
“how is he hungry again?”
“This made sense when he was a newborn… Nine months later, not so much.”
And most of all
“Dear Lord, I want to sleep.”

But really, all the mental griping doesn’t matter because of course I hop out of bed again and go get him.
He eats. I doze. He sleeps. I try to put him back to bed.
This time he doesn’t even have the decency to wait until I’m back asleep. He settles right into a cranky tired baby grumble. Not exactly crying but definitely not something anybody can sleep through.
Fine then.
I’m wearing a tread in the carpet between my bed and his at this point and still not getting any sleep, so when we hop back into bed this time, I have no intention of getting up again.
He can sleep with a boob in his mouth if he wants too. As long as he’ll sleep so I can sleep too.

Usually this is the end of it. He falls asleep with us. End of story.

But oh no. Tonight we’re keeping things interesting.
He proceeds to toss and turn and whine for a couple more hours. He is definitely keeping me awake, probably waking up my honey, and not really sleeping on his own either.
I tried everything. Nothing made the child sleep. Or even be still. He wrestled all over the place, cranky and grumbling, until right around 4 I decided I had to put him back in his own bed and at least try to get some sleep.
More fussing.
So now we’re on the couch, he’s suddenly sleeping very soundly, and there are only a few minutes left before my man has to get up and get ready for work.
I feel like I should be waxing poetic about how sweet sleeping babies are, how nice it is that he’s little right now, and how I know it won’t last forever. But let’s be realistic. He’s nine months old and I just got a grand total of about two hours sleep. It is significantly worse than usual, but he always wakes up multiple times a night. Not feeling poetic.

But the coffee pot just turned on, so stay tuned. Maybe there will be a 6 AM update.

That was my night.